Ny Jolicons! The Icons of Ny Jolie & Co.

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Ny Jolicons--The Icons of Ny Jolie & Co.
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This community was created by ny_jolie as a place for her and some of her friends to share their graphic talent with the rest of the LJ world. YES, we take requests, and yes you may post your own graphics if you'd like :)

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There are some icon subjects that the main graphics makers (ny_jolie, dumb_bl0nde) focus alot of attention on. There's alot of Angelina Jolie (movies, Brangelina, etc), Tim Burton (CatCF especially Violet & Veruca, NBX, Edward Scissorhands), Thirteen, Lolita, Napoleon Dynamite, and others. Yes, we do other icons, but these are the ones you'll see most frequently.

Comment, credit, no hotlinking, you've heard it a trillion times before. I won't waste too much time spewing here. Oh, and be nice!!!

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angie_challenge, lolita_icontest, and burtonchallenge...all icontest comms where ny_jolie mods at.

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